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"Once you choose hope, anything's possible". ~Christopher Reeve

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What is Head on Help?

I decided to set up this site for many reasons.

After my husband Alex WOOD suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at rugby on the 4th October 2011, I realised I had to cope not only with the grief, but the outside world, and making sure I was still doing all I had to be doing, and some!

Most predominantly because when the stress levels hit like sky rockets, and you do not how you are ever going to get through everything that is being thrown at you, I found ‘googling’ medical terms, help for head injury, the list goes on. I spent months trying to get my head around a myriad websites, and have collated all I have found the most helpful.

Hopefully through my very personal experience of my husband’s tragic brain injury and the repercussions of it, this site will be of use to anyone else out there who has just found themselves in the nightmare of their loved one suddenly being whisked away, life being no more anything as we knew it, and left to deal with the outside world, and everything that that entails. Being a one stop place where I could have just come across a website like this, hopefully with all the information you will need to be armed with in this situation, does not exist.

Head on Help is here to be a resources website for any information you may need, and guide you in the right direction. The most helpful sites, books I found and a bit of structure as to expectations, where no one can give you any.

I hope you find all you need, if not you can leave me a comment and I will do my best to get back to you and help wherever I can…